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Reviving the earth with Refillit

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What is


Utilizes accumulated waste and current waste

Produces composite mixtures for land reclamation

Targets damaged land, including old landfills, exhausted mining sites, and tailings ponds

Objectives of Refillit

Release encumbered land

Recover past waste

Utilize vacated land for various activities

Reduce reclamation costs through an innovative reactivation mixture

Benefits of Refillit

Offers a soil-forming composition for reclaiming injured sites

Enables future use of reclaimed land for economic purposes

Reduces landfill costs

Avoids new environmental damage

Provides a safe mix for land reclamation projects

Problems Addressed

Refillit addresses several critical problems in traditional food production:

Refillit addresses the need to create a safe mix of waste from various human activities for land reclamation.

It focuses on backfilling abandoned sites and reclaiming damaged land.

Refillit aims to facilitate the reforestation of reclaimed areas.

The goal is to utilize the land for agricultural purposes.

Key Features

Waste Utilization

Refillit utilizes heterogeneous waste compositions from past and ongoing human activities for land reclamation.

Composite Mixtures

The innovative reactivation mixture created by Refillit provides a safe and effective solution for backfilling and land reclamation.

Sustainable Land Use

The reclaimed land can be used for agricultural activities, reforestation, or other economic purposes.

Cost-Effective Solution

Refillit reduces reclamation costs by offering a simplified reclamation process with a single layer of composite mixture.

Refillit offers an innovative approach to land reclamation and waste utilization

It focuses on transforming damaged land into productive and environmentally restored areas.

Refillit's composite mixtures provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

The aim is to reclaim land by utilizing waste materials in a productive and environmentally friendly manner.

Refillit offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution for land reclamation and waste repurposing.

Converts waste into a composite product suitable for land reclamation.

Enables the release of encumbered land.

Reduces reclamation costs.

Promotes environmentally friendly practices.


Environmental Restoration

Refillit contributes to environmental restoration by reclaiming damaged land and repurposing waste materials.

Cost Efficiency

The use of composite mixtures reduces the cost of reclamation compared to traditional methods involving multiple layers.

Waste Utilization

Refillit utilizes a wide range of waste materials, including both past accumulations and ongoing waste from human activities, for reclamation purposes.

Sustainable Land Use

The reclaimed land can be utilized for agricultural and other economic activities, promoting sustainable land use practices.

Simplified Reclamation Process

Refillit simplifies the reclamation process by providing a single layer of the innovative reactivation mixture, reducing complexities and potential technical errors.

Our Markets

Refillit's solutions target a wide range of stakeholders, including farmers, agricultural cooperatives, food producers, urban agriculture initiatives, sustainable agriculture advocates, and individuals seeking localized and sustainable food production options.